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RCM 565
Cello bow, G Matthews, England, c.1810



‘G MATTHEWS’ on thumb and index finger sides of the stick; on the opposite side of the stick from the frog ‘G MATTHEWS’  and then separate stamps ‘P’ and  ‘M’



Method of hair tightening: simple screw mechanism, no ferrule


Stick: made of pernambuco, dark brown; cross section is round, octagonal for only c.30mm at frog end; no wrapping or padding at frog

Head: facing: plain; square plug; triangular plane

Frog: made of ivory; rectangular plane with c-shape undercutting; rectangular cross-section at rear face, narrowed in the middle; screw cap made of ivory & silver but does not fit well to the stick and seems to be a replacement; screw made of iron; eyelet of brass


Overall length: 703
Stick diameter at head: 6
Stick diameter at frog: 10
Playing length of hair: 600
Overall length of hair: 655
Width of hair at frog: 10
Hair to stick at head: 20
Hair to stick at frog: 17
Max concavity: 14 @ 350 from head
Weight: 64g


Amaryllis Fleming Foundation, 2002

Additional remarks

Twisted in the middle toward thumb; there is a hollowed hole for a screw mechanism; the frog is probably taken from a violin bow and since the screw cap is round in cross section and the end of the stick octagonal, it is probably also a replacement
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