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RCM 539
a bow, John Dodd, London, c.1800


‘DODD’ on frog’s thumb side, close to wavy undercut in upper part



Method of hair tightening: simple screw mechanism, no ferrule

 Stick: made of pernambuco, dark read–aubergine; cross section round, octagonal at frog end, only visible beyond snakeskin for c.54mm; wrapping at frog: snakeskin, padded, coloured brown
Head: facing: plain, with bright wooden trapezoidal plug; elongated almond shape; trapezoid plane; Cramer type
Frog: made of ivory; parallelogram plane with c-shape  undercutting; wavy undercutting at back edge; screw cap made of ivory, diameter 11, octagonal with two blackened lines close to the stick edge; screw made of iron, length 43mm; eyelet of brass


Overall length: 715
Stick diameter at head: 5
Stick diameter at frog: 10
Playing length of hair: 615
Overall length of hair: 658
Hair width at frog: 8.3
Hair to stick at frog: 18.5 (to leather grip)
Hair to stick at head: 16
Max concavity: 10 @ 260 from head
Weight: 62g


Amaryllis Fleming Foundation, 2002

Additional remarks

Fine example of bow making
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