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The entries for RCM 2, 176, 175, 285 & 338, are mainly based on unpublished descriptions prepared for the Museum in 1984–7 by Dr Grant O’Brien. These entries were edited into the present format by Dr Lance Whitehead and Jenny Nex.

The entry for the clavicytherium, RCM 1, was written by Elizabeth Wells and William Debenham.

Most of the text of the remaining harpsichord family and clavichord entries was written by Dr Whitehead and Jenny Nex.

The piano entries excepting RCM 338 were written by Dr Whitehead, Jenny Nex and Christopher Nobbs, the latter providing section 4b, some of 6 and 7, most of 8 and all the text relating to the piano action models.

The organ entries were written by Elizabeth Wells and John Budgen, with further contributions from Christopher Nobbs.

The sections on provenance throughout the catalogue, as well as some of the commentary on inscriptions, paintings, makers and history, were written by Elizabeth Wells.

Restoration reports and other text written for the Museum by Derek Adlam, John Barnes, John Budgen, William Debenham, Dr Sabine Klaus, Dr  Grant O’Brien, Joyce Plesters, Keane Ridley and  Dr Ashok Roy have also been drawn on by the contributors.

The indices were compiled by Jenny Nex and the bibliographical references by Keane Ridley, Dr Peter Horton, Jenny Nex and Elizabeth Wells.


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