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History of the Project

This project grew out of research on the Sun Insurance Company records undertaken by Dr Lance Whitehead and Jenny Nex in 2002-2004 and is intended to provide biographical and other information relating to any individuals based in London involved in any aspect of the the performance , publication and marketing of music in the second half of the eighteenth century. It soon became apparent that a relational database would provide the optimal means of storing the resultant data, especially when Dr Whitehead's work extended into other primary source material - poll books and apprenticeship records. The database was designed and constructed by Dr Whitehead and Dr Paul Banks. Further development and entry of new data is being undertaken by Jenny Nex and Paul Banks.

Although at present it is not web-enabled, this extension of the project is currently in the planning stage. In the meantime, the database (which currently contains records for nearly 1500 individuals) may be consulted at the CPH by appointment and the links are to pages offering further information about the data collection and functionality of the database.


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