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Haydn in 1791: Portrait by Thomas Hardy 
Haydn in 1791: Portrait by John Hoppner 
Haydn in 1791: Portrait by A.M. Ott 
Haydn in 1794: Portrait by George Dance 
Mendelssohn in 1821: Portrait by Carl Joseph Begas 
Mendelssohn in 1836: Portrait by F.-T. Hildebrandt 
Mendelssohn in 1845: Portrait by Eduard Magnus  
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B&W image of the engraving by Facius of  the portrait of Haydn by John Hoppner

Haydn in 1791

This stipple engraving is by Georg Siegmund Facius (c. 1750–1814) who published it on 3 August 1807. It was based on a portrait, commissioned by the Prince of Wales during Haydn’s first London visit, by John Hoppner (1758–1810; painter to the Prince from 1789), one of the most important portraitists in London after the death of Sir Joshua Reynolds.

The engraving omits the lower part of the portrait: the composer held a quill pen in his right hand and his left rested on the keyboard of either a forte piano or a harpsichord.



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