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Haydn in 1791: Portrait by Thomas Hardy 
Haydn in 1791: Portrait by John Hoppner 
Haydn in 1791: Portrait by A.M. Ott 
Haydn in 1794: Portrait by George Dance 
Mendelssohn in 1821: Portrait by Carl Joseph Begas 
Mendelssohn in 1836: Portrait by F.-T. Hildebrandt 
Mendelssohn in 1845: Portrait by Eduard Magnus  
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Haydn in 1791

Early on during his first visit Haydn sat for a miniature portrait by A.M. Ott which was engraved by Haydn’s close friend, Francesco Bartolozzi (1727–1815) and published by H. Humphrey on 4 April 1791. Bartolozzi was trained in Italy before moving to London in 1764 to take up a royal appointment. He left in 1802 to become Director of the National Academy in Lisbon. When his son married Therese Jansen in 1795, Haydn was one of the witnesses. She was a fine pianist (she studied with Clementi) and Haydn dedicated a number of works to her.

Ott’s original miniature was lost for over 200 years before coming to light at a London auction in 1996.

B&W image of the engraving by Bartolozzi's engraving of Ott's miniature



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