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Haydn in 1791: Portrait by Thomas Hardy 
Haydn in 1791: Portrait by John Hoppner 
Haydn in 1791: Portrait by A.M. Ott 
Haydn in 1794: Portrait by George Dance 
Mendelssohn in 1821: Portrait by Carl Joseph Begas 
Mendelssohn in 1836: Portrait by F.-T. Hildebrandt 
Mendelssohn in 1845: Portrait by Eduard Magnus  
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Haydn in 1794

This soft-ground etching is based on a famous drawing of the composer made by George Dance (1741–1825) on 20 March 1794 (the original is also in the CPH collection). Dance was trained and practiced as an architect but is today most famous for his series of about 200 profile drawings of friends and contemporaries sketched from life between 1793 and 1810.

The artist and engraver William Daniell (1769–1837) began his translations of Dance’s portraits in 1802, and in 1814 a selection was published in two volumes. When transferring the image to the plate Daniell did not reverse it, so it printed as a mirror image of the original.



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