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Haydn in 1791: Portrait by Thomas Hardy 
Haydn in 1791: Portrait by John Hoppner 
Haydn in 1791: Portrait by A.M. Ott 
Haydn in 1794: Portrait by George Dance 
Mendelssohn in 1821: Portrait by Carl Joseph Begas 
Mendelssohn in 1836: Portrait by F.-T. Hildebrandt 
Mendelssohn in 1845: Portrait by Eduard Magnus  
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Mendelssohn in 1821

This lithographic reproduction of a steel engraving by August Weger (1823–92), was published by Augener & Co., a music publisher established in London in 1858. Weger’s treatment is based on a sketch in oils by Carl Joseph Begas (1794–1854). Trained in Berlin, Paris and Italy, Begas produced a number of historical and scriptural paintings, though he was also celebrated for his portraits, and was eventually appointed court painter in Berlin.

In creating his engraving Weger has modified various elements (e.g. the hair and costume) with the effect of creating a more overtly masculine and Protestant portrait. 



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