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Haydn in 1791: Portrait by Thomas Hardy 
Haydn in 1791: Portrait by John Hoppner 
Haydn in 1791: Portrait by A.M. Ott 
Haydn in 1794: Portrait by George Dance 
Mendelssohn in 1821: Portrait by Carl Joseph Begas 
Mendelssohn in 1836: Portrait by F.-T. Hildebrandt 
Mendelssohn in 1845: Portrait by Eduard Magnus  
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Mendelssohn in ?1836

The original engraving (here reproduced by lithographic transfer) was by Albert Henry Payne (1812–1902: he was born in London but became a German citizen) and W.C. Wrankmore; the head is described as ‘after Hildebrand’.

Ferdinand-Theodor Hildebrandt (1804–74) was a close friend of the composer (himself an accomplished amateur artist) and they undertook a sight-seeing trip together from Rome to Naples in 1831.

Hildebrandt's portrait was commissioned by Henrietta Voigt, a member of Robert Schumann’s circle and a fine amateur pianist, in the autumn of 1835.




Colour image of the engraving of Mendelssohn by A.H. Payne and W.C. Wrankmore



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